01.1 V.G. Karavansky’s Summary

01.1 V.G. Karavansky’s Summary

01.1 V.G. Karavansky’s Summary

Karavansky Vladimir Georgievich


Regular work as:

1. computer hardware support specialist;

2.  Windows operation systems and Windows applications specialist;


 Successful 20 years experience in computer hardware service: “Videoton” Hungarian company, “Classica” Russian company, International Science and Technology Center.

 Office equipment support: desktops, notebooks, Hewlett-Packard color and monochrome printers, Canon facsimile machines.

 12 years experience in independent repair and technical support of printers (about 100 pieces) at International Science and Technology Center.

 Skills in Windows XP operation system recovery after errors.

 Skills in hard drive recovery by means of Partition Magic, Disk Copy, Disk Image, Acronis programs, PC 3000 hardware and software complex.

 LCD-monitors repair (electronic elements, lamp, transformer replacement)

 Interaction with external companies to fulfill warranty and postwarranty repair of office equipment, to buy spare parts, to recover cartridges according to the principle of “The eternal cartridge”.  Technical support of international conferences.

 Stock and office equipment database maintenance

 Independent design and fabrication of presentation accessories, as instructed by the Executive Director.


1971 — 1977 Moscow Power Engineering Institute Profession: radiophysics and electronics

1979 — Foreign languages courses #3 (German)

1981 - Foreign languages courses #2 (English)

2001 — Extension courses MS Course: 2151 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network ad Operating System Essentials

2001 — MS Course: 2152 Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 professional and Server

2002 — Hewlett-Packard course: Color and monochrome LaserJet printer service and support

2005 — Hewlett-Packard course: 18256 Color LaserJet Portfolio 320, Service & Support Training

2008 — MS Course: 2272 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional (by correspondence)

2009 — Hewlett-Packard course: 18256 Color LaserJet Portfolio 320, Service & Support Training

2010 — MS Course: 2261 Supporting Users Running the Microsoft Windows XP Operation System (by correspondence)

2010 — MS Course: M6292A Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client

2010 — MS Course: M6294A Planning and Managing Windows 7 Desktop Deployments and Environments


2013 — 2014 IT group senior specialist at Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps

2000 — 2013-April 12 Computer and office equipment specialist at the International Science and Technology Center Achievements: There are no computer and equipment repair problems at the ISTC. Career development during the period from 2002 through 2012 changes from the fourth level to the tenth level.

1995 – 2000 Computer and the office equipment specialist at the “Classica” company

1994 – 1995 Hardware assistant to “Bark-L” Director General

1991 – 1994 Computer and office equipment specialist at “Videoton” Hungarian company


• Data of birth: 1954, May 26.

• Family status: single. I confirm my readiness for business trips.

• Language skills: English (spoken, reading and writing skills); German (reading and writing skills using dictionary)

• Result-oriented.

• Professional occupation Hewlett-Packard printer and Microsoft software product support.

• Have a learning towards technical creativity design and fabrication of a display complex test units were rewarded with four silver and one bronze medals of the Exhibition of the national Economy Achievements from 1986 to 1990.

• State of health: healthy life-style, bad habits are excluded, hour-long regular physical exercises, delay due to the health condition are insignificant.

Karavansky V.G.


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